Tucker Trail Saddles
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Western Trail Saddles by Tucker

# 1 selling Trail and Endurance Saddle

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Tucker RIGGING choices and instructions

We can order any Tucker Saddle and the tack not listed.
email or call for price (413) 568-6430

We Do Local Saddle Fitting Within 80 Mile Radius of Westfield, Ma.
Call us to set up an appointment. 413-568-6430
Fee $175 with $50 credit towards purchase of new saddle.

tucker horizon series

Rambler Horizon Series 283
TOOLED square skirt $2295

tucker rambler horizon series

Trailhead Horizon Series 271
TOOLED square skirt $2295

tucker trailhead horizon series

Wanderer Horizon Series 295
TOOLED square skirt $2295

tucker wanderer horizon series

North Star Horizon Series 263
TOOLED square skirt $2295

tucker northstar horizon series

Compass Rose Horizon Series 150
TOOLED square skirt $2295

compass rose horizon series saddle

Horizon Series 179
TOOLED skirt $2295

tucker outpost

High Plains 260
TOOLED round or square skirt Reg. $1875 $1749.99

high plains tooled

High Plains 260
PLAIN round or square skirt Reg. $1775 $1699.99

high plains plain

Meadow Creek 291
PLAIN Reg.$1775 $1699.99
TOOLED Reg.$1875 $1759.99

meadow creek tucker saddle

Black Mountain 261
PLAIN Reg.$1775 $1699.99
TOOLED Reg.$1875 $1799.99
Square or Round Skirt

black mountain tucker saddle

Cheyenne Frontier 167
PLAIN Reg.$1825 $1759.99
TOOLED Reg.$1875 $1799.99
Square or Round Skirt

cheyenne frontier tucker saddle

Horseshoe Bend 278
PLAIN Reg.$1925 $1869.99
TOOLED Reg.$2025$1949.99
Square or Round Skirt

horseshoe bend tucker saddle

Snake River 253
PLAIN Reg.$1825 $1799.99
TOOLED Reg.$1875 $1849.99

snake river tucker saddle

Dead Wood Trail 282
PLAIN Reg.$1975 $1949.99
TOOLED Reg.$2025 $1989.99

dead wood tucker saddle

Endurance Trail 159
PLAIN Reg.$1625 $1549.99
TOOLED Reg.$1725 $1649.99

endurance trail tucker saddle

Equitation Endurance 149
PLAIN Reg.$1625 $1549.99

equitation endurance tucker saddle

River Plantation 146
PLAIN Reg.$1725 $1649.99
TOOLED Reg.$1775 $1699.99

river plantation tucker saddle
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