Arabian / Morgan Training Equipment
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Training Equipment

harness leather training headstall

Training Headstall
LIST $48 OURS $40.99

Harness leather browband headstall with brass hardware.  Easy to change bits .  A must for every barn.  Horse size.

reinsman 1 ear harness leather

Harness Leather 1 Ear
by Reinsman $22.95

5/8" Single ply Heavy Harness Leather Slide Ear Headstall. Single cheek adjustment with bit tie ends. Hand rubbed and finished.

harness leather 1 ear headstall

1 Ear Training  Headstall
LIST $40 OURS $35.99

Harness leather with nickle hardware.  
Single ear with snaps.  Easy on and off
and great for busy barns. Horse size
but easily adjustable.

reinsman harness leather headstall

Harness Leather by Reinsman

5/8" Single ply Heavy Harness Leather Browband Headstall. Single cheek adjustment with bit tie ends. Hand rubbed and finished.

reinsman gag headstall

Gag Headstall by Reinsman
list $47 $42.99

5/8" Browband Rope Gag Headstall.
Finally a leather draw gag headstall that really works.
It adjusts to fit your horse and will stay in place when pulling on one rein.
It is easy to install a bit by removing and re-installing rein ring.


1 ear harness leather heastall

Harness Leather 1 ear with Throat Latch by Reinsman

5/8" Single ply Heavy Harness Leather Slide Ear Headstall with Throat Latch. Single cheek adjustment with tie bit ends. Hand rubbed and finished.


training headstall

Training Headstall
LIST $48 OURS $43.99

5/8" wide bridle leather, with  brass hardware. Snaps on bit ends. Cob or Horse size, dark oil. Made in USA

circle y breast plate

4283-0000 by Circle Y
List $100 Ours $89.99

Over the neck style breast collar keeps the straps off the shoulder for freedom of movement.- stainless steel or brass hardware
Cob- regular oil, walnut
Horse- Dark oil, regular oil, walnut, or Black

tory overcheck training headstall

Overcheck Training Headstall
LIST $53 OURS $47.99

Bridle leather with brass hardware .
Snap at throat latch and bit ends.  
Overcheck rings.
Cob or Horse size.
Dark oil.

tory martingale

Training Martingale
LIST $53 OURS $46.99

Bridle leather.  Fully adjustable with girth loop for easy on and off.
Made in USA

harness leather training rein

Training Reins by Tory 207
Made in USA
LIST $34 SALE $29.99
5/8" by 7' harness leather reins with nickel snaps and rein stops.

10 ring martingale

10 Ring Training Martingale
LIST $75 OURS $68.99

Multiple Use 10 Ring Training Martingale - Havana 898

tory training rein

Training Reins
  LIST $44 OURS $35.99 

5/8" Bridle leather with brass snaps and stoppers. Made in USA

side rein with D rings

Nylon Side Reins with D Rings and Elastic
list $30 Ours $22.99

Elastic Side Reins are used in conjunction with training surcingles. Made of black nylon with elastic webbing
Fully adjustable to 46" long end to end (unstretched).

donut side rein

Leather Side Reins with Rubber Donut
by Tory 896
list $64
Ours $58.99
Made in USA

Leather with rubber donut .
Adjusts from 40" to 44".
Havana, Oakbark, Black
1" wide

elastic side rein

Elastic Side Reins by Tory
Made in USA

3/4" wide list $59 Ours $49.99
1" wide list $62 Ours $52.99

Leather with tongue buckle .
Adjusts from 38" to 42".
Havana, Oakbark, Black


leather draw reins

Leather Pulley Draw Reins by Tory
list $66
Ours $49.99
Made in USA

One piece of leather with snaps for easy removal. Leather pulleys snap onto the bit and allow the rein to slide freely.
Available in chestnut or dark oil bridle leather. Or harness leather (as shown)

nylon draw reins

Nylon Draw Reins by Tory
list $30
Ours $22.99

Black braided nylon rope draw reins with 2 sets of brass snaps.

nylon driving line

Driving Lines
list $64 Ours $49.99

Cotton web driving lines with black rolled nylon ends. 1" x 30'. Each line is 15' buckled in the middle with rolled ends to slide through the bit.

neoprene sursingle

Neoprene Surcingle
list $48 Ours $39.99

horse size
Heavy Nylon Neoprene Lined Surcingle. This surcingle features Large nickel plated hardware on both sided as well as top and bottom for correct placement of training aids. Girth adjusts on both sides with roller buckles for an even fit. Neoprene lining is padded on withers and has a durable nylon top.

leather sursingle

Leather Surcingle by Tory 1455
list $110
Ours $89.99

horse size
Made in USA with skirting leather backed with felt. Chrome tanned billet straps and leather lined girth with nickel hardware.
Adjusts from 68" to 80"

dr cook bitless beta bridle

Bitless Beta Bridle by Dr Cook

Beta headstalls are made of Genuine BioThane USA.
Will not mold or mildew, absorb odors, dry out or crack and it wipes clean is seconds.
The material requires no maintenance and can be subjected to virtually any conditions without being affected.
It gives the rider an inoffensive and benevolent method of communication by applying a nudge to one half of the head (for steering) or a hug to the whole of the head (for stopping).
Because The Bitless Bridle exerts minimal pressure and spreads this over a large and less critical area, it is more humane than a bit. It provides better communication, promotes a true partnership between horse and rider, and does not interfere with either breathing or striding.

Small (pony, small horses)
Medium (average horses)
Large (warmblood)
$98.95  Black- Brown (shown)- Chestnut
$109.95  Bright colors
Draft-$124.95  Black- Brown
Reins 5/8" x 54"
Black- Brown- Chestnut, Bright Colors

dr cook bitless bright colors
dr cook beta rein
turn two side pull

Laredo Sidepull by Turn-Two
list $45 Sale $62.99

Oiled Harness leather with braided rawhide nose
Braid colors: Black, Pink, Turq, Purple

laredo colors
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