Hide-On Tail Extension Instructions

HIDE ON attachment instructions
Select the desired location for your extension. 
This is generally about 1/3 of the way down from the top of your horse’s tail but will vary
slightly depending on the length of your extension and the length of your horse’s tail bone.  

Using a comb, part straight across the horse’s tail.  Pull the upper hairs up and out of the way and secure with bands or clips. 
Now lay the extension against the horse’s tail.  Have a helper hold the extension firmly against the tailbone.
Next, using a comb part across the top of the extension exposing the first 2 grommets. 
Pull the hairs above the grommet holes up and out of the way until you have finished with this step. 

Note:  some hide extensions may only have 1 grommet hole at the top.  In these cases simply skip this step.
Using a latch hook, pull sections of the horse’s tail through the right and left grommet holes. 
Next pick up a lock of hair from the extension in the area between the two grommets. 
You will now have 3 sections of hair in your hand.  Tightly braid these  sections together. 
You only need to braid down a few inches and secure with a rubber band. 

Next move down the extension.  Again part the hairs of the extension exposing the grommet.
  Pull the hairs above the grommet hole up and out of the way until you have finished this step.

You will now see only 1 grommet in the center of the extension. 
Using a latch hook pull a section of the horse’s tail though the hole of the grommet. 
Next, pick up a lock of extension hair from the area to the right of the grommet hole and one from the area
to the left of the grommet hole.  Once again you have 3 sections of hair that you will braid tightly together and secure with a rubber band. 

Continue this process down the length of the extension.
Once the extension is secured, move back up to the top of your extension and un-clip the upper
hairs allowing them to fall over the top of the extension

When choosing your location for your extension make sure you have enough “upper hairs” to cover the top of your extension.
Make sure you pull enough of your horse’s hair through each grommet hole.  i.e. 
The larger the grommet, the larger the section of your horse’s hair that you should pull through.

Extension Care
All tails are 100% Natural Horse Hair and should be shampooed and conditioned regularly.
Blow dry and fluff your extension to give it a full look.
To remove knots use your fingers or gently brush, DON’T PULL, your tail extension.
Do not leave your tail extension attached overnight.
Remove the extension after your day of competition is complete.

With the Tie-in style, you may leave your braided section in overnight.
However, the next day prior to attaching your extension be sure to check that the braid is still snug.
To maintain the health of your horse’s tail, it is important that you remove the braided section at the end of the show weekend

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